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Join Canyon Concert Ballet’s Alicia Laumann in learning Classical ballet variations from the Imperial Russian Ballet 1860s-1890s! Bring your enthusiasm and passion for ballet to the studio as we learn two to three solos from the most well-known and loved ballets. Each workshop will include a daily short pre-pointe or pointe barre, an intensive Pilates strength and stretching session and learning of the Classical variations with detailed coaching.

Intensive Classical Variation Workshops
June 27-July 1: Ages 9-11 (Pre-pointe)
July 11-15: Ages 12-14 (Beginning Pointe)
Times and Location: Monday through Friday 1:30-3:30PM, with showing on Fridays at 3pm @ CCB North
Limit 12 dancers per workshop
Cost: $125

Young Choreographer’s Workshop
This workshop is designed to stretch the student’s creative skills by learning the basic concepts in creating a choreographic composition. Students will explore how to choose a theme or a topic, how to use images, words or music to help create new movement and how to use fundamental building blocks of time, space energy, levels and motifs when creating new movement. Finally, students will learn how to stage the movement, choose appropriate music and prepare it for presentation. (Please visit for full details.)

July 18-22
– Ages 8-16
– Mornings: 9:30-12:30pm, w/ final showing of work Friday at 11:30pm
– Cost: $150
– Limit: 30 students